Here’s to keeping your head in the clouds and eyes on the skies—a look into the last frontier.

The next few decades will keep anyone paying attention on the edge of their seats. From NASA to SpaceX to ESA and China, many other countries also put their footprints in space. I will discuss everything about astronomy that I can get my hands on.

Is Pluto a planet

Why Pluto Lost Its Planetary Crown

The classification of Pluto as a planet has been subject for debate among scientists since its discovery in 1930. In 2006, IAU turned heads with their decision.

Are We Alone In The Universe

Are we alone in the universe?

Are we alone in the universe? Despite numerous reports and a vast scientific community devoted to the search, there is still no conclusive evidence.


What is new in outer space?

2022 was an exciting year for space exploration. Artemis 1 made its maiden voyage around the moon and safely landed back on Earth. The James Webb Space Telescope has been sending back breathtaking images redefining what we know about the cosmos. SpaceX has been nailing landing after landing with their …

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