Facebook may be about to Free the nipple


Meta looks set to allow bare breasts on its platforms. Instagram and Facebook will be lifting their ban on the naked breasts of specific individuals.

On January 17, Meta’s oversight board, primarily academics, politicians, and journalists, advised the company to change its adult nudity and sexual activity community standard. “So that it is governed by clear criteria that respect international human rights standards.”

In simpler terms

Drop the double standard and allow all nipples. This can be tricky, as consent and age will be hard to determine. For this reason, I don’t believe Facebook will allow born females to show their breasts. Instead, I think they will only let trans-women do so. This is fucked up; the double standard still exists if this happens.

This all started when Instagram took down a couple of posts. One of a transgender person and another of a non-binary person. Both posed topless on the platform to raise funds for breast augmentation surgery. They were posting to promote “Top surgery awareness.” Both individuals petitioned Meta, and the images were reinstated.

The Oversight Board stated that “the old policy is based on a binary view of gender and a distinction between male and female bodies.” So basically, it was OK for men to show their nipples, but not for women or trans-women. But where do gender-fluid individuals fall? That’s apparently up for debate, so everyone may be able to expose their breasts on Instagram and Facebook platforms owned by Meta. Facebook hasn’t responded yet with how they tend to handle the situation.

I’m willing to bet they still won’t allow all women to show their chests on the site.

Free the Nipple

The “Free the Nipple” movement gained traction after a 2012 film by the same name. It followed a fictitious group of women walking around New York City, baring their breasts. The movie even staged real protests to make it seem real. The idea took off on social media. Instagram has hidden the hashtag #freethenipple, but you can still find plenty if you add the year behind it; #freethenipple2023 is alive and well.

Numerous celebrities have joined in on the movement. Miley Cyrus is notable for baring her breasts on Instagram in 2014. The image below basically kicked off the campaign on the platform. Many celebs have followed suit. With gender lines blurred, it’s harder for the platforms to say who can and cannot expose their breasts. Honestly, if it’s not in a sexual context, what’s the big deal?

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