January 2023 – Did You Know?


Did you know January is named after the Roman god Janus? He had two faces so he could see the past and future.

Here are the random facts for January 2023. Check back often, as this post is updated daily.

Avocado is toxic to most animals

Avocado contains a toxin called “Persin.” It is very toxic to all birds, rabbits, horses, cows, goats, and sheep, to name a few. It is also toxic to cats and dogs, but a few bites are unlikely to harm them. But if you have birds of any type, keep away from them altogether.

Avocado is toxic to most animals.

MLK Jr was an intelligent man

Everyone associates MLK with his speeches. His fight for equal rights in the United States made him a legend in his own right. But did you know just how smart he was? He entered Morehouse college at 15 years old.


Current US flag

A high school teacher had his students design new US flags. This was before Alaska and Hawaii became states. One of the students created a flag with 50 stars foreseeing that they would become states. He initially got a B minus on the assignment. The teacher submitted the designs to the president. President Eisenhower decided on the design with 50 stars; the rest is history.

US flag

Lots of Gold

The Earth’s core has a massive amount of gold. Good luck getting to it, though.


Scottish Unicorns

Scotland and Unicorns have a long history. April 9th is Unicorn Day. The mythical creature has become aligned with Jesus in Christianity. Unicorns can be found everywhere in Scotland if you are paying attention.

Scottish Unicorns

Imagination Library

In 1995, Dolly Parton started shipping books to toddlers for free. Today over 2 million books a month are shipped out worldwide. You can check out the program here.

dolly pardon's imagination library

Uranus was discovered before Antarctica

Uranus was discovered 39 years before Antarctica.

Uranus was discovered before Antarctica.

Spicy isn’t a taste

Spicy isn’t a taste but a physical reaction sensed by nerve endings, not taste buds, on the tongue.

Spice isn't a taste

Jonathan the tortoise

Jonathan, the 191-year-old tortoise, has been living on the island of St. Helena in the south Atlantic ocean his entire life.

Jonathan the tortoise

Rosie the Riveter

There has been much debate over who inspired the Rosie the Riveter poster. But this picture was found in the possessions of the artist who made the original poster with the name Naomi Parker on the back. Is the mystery finally solved?

Rosie the Riveter

Friday the 13th

Did you know that if the month begins on a Sunday, it will always have a Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th

Tweet Tweet

The Library of Congress keeps records on all kinds of things, including tweets on Twitter.


Jumbo Hotel

This retired Jumbo jet from the 1970s has a new purpose in life.

Jumbo Hotel

Lincoln was a badass

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer, bartender, president, & wrestler, among many other things. He was 299-1 and was inducted into the wrestling hall of fame in 1992 as an outstanding citizen.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

40% of Americans believe in UFOs

The number has gone up over the last few years.

UFOs are real?
UFOs are real?

Dead Man’s Fingers

This creepy fungus is the stuff of nightmares.

Dead Man's Fingers
Dead Man’s Fingers

Sugar Myth

Too much sugar is not good for you, but does it make children hyper? Only one study from 1978 says yes. All subsequent studies have shown that sugar does not cause hyperactivity. This myth has been perpetuated for many years, but there is no solid basis for the claims.

Did you know this myth about sugar
Sugar Myth

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