Long-lost diamond ring was found on a carrot


I feature many amazing facts in my daily “Did You Know?” pictures. Some of them get more attention than others on social media, where I also post them. This story was one of them.

Lost wedding ring

Meet Mary Grams, 84, from Alberta, Canada. In 2004, Mary was doing a little bit of gardening when her wedding ring slipped off. She was devastated when she was unable to find it. Not wanting to upset her husband, she bought a similar, cheaper ring. The only person she ever told was her son.

Her secret was safe for 13 years.

Maybe I did the wrong thing, but you get so worked up,” she said.

Fast forward to 2017, Mrs. Grams’ son was now living on the family farm with his wife, Colleen. One night Colleen went to the garden to pick some carrots for supper, and she got a little more than she bargained for. One of the carrots had a ring around it. When she showed her husband, he immediately knew what it was.

one carat ring
One carat ring

Now that she has it back, she vows to keep it safe. Mary said she wishes she had told her husband, who died in 2012, saying he would not have been mad. He was a joker and would have found the situation funny.

Not the first time it has happened

As unique as this story sounds– it’s not the first time this has happened.

In 1995, a Swedish woman Lena Paahlsson was doing some Christmas baking in her kitchen with her daughters. She set her wedding ring on the counter, where it soon went missing. She had designed this ring herself and was incredibly distraught to have lost it. They searched everywhere to no avail.

The family even tore up the tiling in the kitchen a few years later during a renovation in hopes they would find the ring. But it wasn’t there. Lena lost hope of ever finding the ring.

Sixteen years later, the ring was found around a carrot while gardening. Lena believes the ring had made its way into the sink with vegetable peelings destined for the compost pile. She hopes to get the ring resized one day, as it no longer fits.

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