November Strange Things


A month in review. Here are some of the strange things that I came across for the month of November.

Did you know?

This one was a bit controversial. The FDA’s clarification on the subject is fuzzy at best. I emailed a few larger produce companies and have yet to hear back from them. I will let you know what I find out, if I do.

fruit stickers
Fruit Stickers

Strange Things

The crab spiders are beautiful creatures even if they do hunt our pollinators. They are definitely a strange thing.

crab spiders

Blue eyed people are all relatives. What’s up Fam?

blue eyed people

Did you know?

This was one of my odd history facts that I posted a while back.

bowler hats

Strange Things

Neanderthals were cannibals? Maybe.


Did you know?

Shakespeare was a bit of a linguist. He not only invented many words, he used existing words in different ways.


The Dragons eye cave is a dangerous place to visit. This is why locals don’t knowingly share its location to just anyone.

dragons eye cave

Green eyes are rare. Only 2% of the population has them.

green eyed people

Strange Things

Hydra’s may hold the key to limb regeneration. They are fascinating creatures indeed.


Anyone up for a mummy unwrapping party?

mummy unwrapping party

This fact is up for debate. But based on what I found, Hannah is the earliest born person ever photographed.

hannah stilley

Did you know?

Who knows where this falsehood started? If you know, let me know.

king of the jungle

Minnie has a first name and it’s not what you think.

minerva mouse

Miss Baker was the oldest living spider monkey on record.

miss baker

Strange Things

The thinking tree. I wonder what he is thinking?

the thinking tree

One thing is for sure, trees were large a long time ago.

petrified forest

Awesome Things

It’s okay to throw that cotton away in your pill bottles.

pill bottle cotton

This cave is massive! It’s hard to believe it took so long to discover.

san doong cave

Did you know she was a lighthouse at one time?

statue of liberty

This fruit is a mouthful to say and eat. These guys fit the Strange Things category very well.

conophytum pageae

I wander what awesome inventions he had that no one even knows about. Not us common folk anyways.

tesla inventions

The tunnel of love in Ukraine.

November Recap

This was my first month making these images. I’ve been trying to do them every day. It can get a little crazy to make Did You Know facts and Daily Quotes with my real job. But I will do my best to ensure I get them out for you every day. I have been having a blast making them. All the likes and comments on social media have made my efforts worthwhile. I will try my best to get updated more often, though daily postings here may have to wait until after the new year; I’m excited for 2023.

Once I figure out what is working and what isn’t, I’m sure I’ll hit my groove.

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