What is Wisedocks now, and where is it going?


Blogs were once online journals, but they have evolved to become so much more. When I started this website, I had that in mind. I wanted to talk about random topics. I do this, but it is quickly getting out of hand. The topics range from astronomy to video games to quotes to “How does a water tower work?“. So how do you organize all of this?

I stared at the menu at the top of the website for at least two hours, trying to figure out how to organize this mess. I will be adding more topics later. So it will only get worse. I fully intend to be all over the place with my posts.

Why does this matter?

While trying to lay out the best way to organize the site carefully, I realized that most of my posts sound like articles instead of blog posts. I’ve been doing book reports instead of blogging. But for some reason, I enjoy it. If you’re curious about how water towers work, I don’t think you should have my opinion. You want to know how they operate.

Menu? Oh yeah the menu

So I decided to break things down into Fun Things and Stay Curious. The Fun Things consists of trivia quizzes, daily quotes, and a video games page. The Stay Curious dropdown will have more educational pages. Nice and simple.


Keep It Simple Stupid. I say this to myself quite often. But it is true. That’s the reason I keep this website looking so minimal. I don’t want big flashy pictures at the top. Just clean and simple, and easy to navigate.

What’s the point?

The main focus of this site will be to entertain and learn along the way. I have added some trivia quizzes recently; they can be found here. I’ll be adding more later on. If you like this site, I bet you also love trivia. I added a link to the main menu for them as I plan to expand on quizzes quite a bit later. They deserved their own page.

I hope discussing my problems and solutions helps someone else in the future. I don’t expect anyone to even read this blog until further in the future when it gets stumbled upon with a google search.

Watch me learn

I honestly don’t know what I’m doing. Once I figure it out, I may scrap this website and start over. But I doubt it. I would probably start another site first. But here I am, trying to figure out what I want to do with Wisedocks. It’s a question I have been trying to figure out for almost 20 years. I bought this domain on four different occasions after letting it go because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. I get suggestions all the time, and some damn good ones too.

But I think I’ll keep writing random articles when I get bored and see where I end up at the end of this year. I’ll keep what works and drop what doesn’t.

oops i can blog no i can't

I love humor; I am constantly making jokes about anything and everything. My other website makes fun of this website sometimes. It’s a bit self-deprecating but that’s how I roll through life. So I will also start adding a little humor to this site. Only in good fun though. I think I need that. We all do.

Where is everybody?

Since this site is new…. again, virtually no one visits. I get the occasional visitor clicking on the site from Facebook, where I post a lot of quotes or “Did you know” images I make. I intend to use Facebook to get people to this site, but I must stay out of FB jail first. That’s for a whole other post, though. But it does cause my posts to get pushed further down in feeds, so my followers barely see what I’m putting out there.

I have a friend Julius Sneezer who is helping me with that problem. hehe

But honestly, I enjoy having a dead server for the site. I enjoy working on this site as much as I do griping. Once a site gets popular, it turns into a job. Maybe one day, but I’m just enjoying the crickets. I forgot where I was going with this whole post, but that’s what I do best. Ramble on about nothing.

Oh who am I kidding?

Of course, I want this site to become successful. And I am trying new things all the time. If you throw enough spaghetti at a wall, some will stick if it’s wet. How do you boil spaghetti? That’s a post idea. Ooh, Recipes, that’s another idea. See, type it out, and the ideas start flowing. You should try it sometime. It’s therapeutic.

Make sure to have autocorrect turned on so you look like you know how to spell therapeutic without looking like an idiot, or get a grammar checker.

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