Bluetooth Beanie

Do you work or play outside in the winter but still want to listen to your music? A Bluetooth Beanie might be just what you need.

Bluetooth Beanie
Bluetooth Beanie

Why a Bluetooth Beanie?

These Beanies work great if you work in a cold environment or want to go snow boarding with your tunes. I can personally vouch that the battery will last 12 hours easily and that the speakers are really loud. The beanies are double layered and are very warm. They are also great if you can’t *cough* wear ear buds at work. And they look like normal beanies. They are also a great way to take hands free phone calls. So if you’re an audiophile and want to listen to your music on the go these beanies are a great way to go. This will also make a great gift for the holidays. The beanies also come in 11 colors, so you can find the right one for anyone in the family.

Fairly recently, I worked at a warehouse and around 75% of the people working there wore this beanie. No one knew that we were listening to music. If you work in a factory or warehouse this is much better than using ear buds. Just don’t get yourself hurt if you work around machinery or moving parts. When you turn the music up half way, you can’t hear someone talking to you from 2 feet away. The speakers are pretty loud. Amazingly if you are 2 feet away from someone listening to loud music wearing this beanie, you can’t hear it.


Battery life: 19 to 23 hours

Sound Quality: Pretty Good, They hit 110 db

Controls: Right Ear, tap to mute, change songs or end calls.

Packaging: Comes in a really nice box.

Cleaning: Hand wash only, make sure to take speakers out first.