Dinosaur Game

Have you ever been surfing online and out of nowhere your internet gets disconnected? Everyone has seen the annoying, no internet page in chrome. But did you know there is a built-in game on this page? That little dinosaur is there for a reason. He wants to play. The dinosaur game was introduced into chrome in 2014, but most people don’t know about it.

dinosaur game
No Internet

How to play

Wanna play the dinosaur game? Shut your internet off and find out. Nah seriously though, next time your internet goes out and you get this page, Just press the space bar or the up arrow key on your keyboard. Just tapping the screen on a tablet or phone works too. You can check it out for yourself while online by typing chrome://dino into the address bar.

By the power of wordpress I even managed to just put it on this page. It can be fidgety though. If you press the space bar here, it will scroll down. It’s best to use the up arrow to start the game here. Up arrow to jump, Down arrow to duck. It’s located at the bottom of this page. Have fun.

There is even a website, where you can compete with others for highscores called chromedino.com.

An even cooler site is within google. Click this link to play the game or use the dropdown to play numerous other games like mario bros. on the page. Chrome even has an extension you can install to play the games anytime through your browser.

My personal favorite is Age of War. Wisedocks.com had an arcade about 14 years ago, and it was my favorite game. This site has just came back online after 10 years. So I’m just getting back into the swing of things. I’ve thought strongly about bringing an arcade back. If it is something you would be interested in, let me know. If not I’m fine just writing about random things.

Dinosaur Game

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