Team Fortress 2 is back and better than ever


It’s 2022, and Team Fortress 2 is back and better than ever. Valve introduced us to this gem of a game almost 15 years ago. It has had a massive player base consistently through the years.

The game almost died

Then a couple of years ago, they stopped. It got worse. Everyone thought they had abandoned the game. Just search, “Is Team Fortress 2 dead,” and you will see what I mean. Hackers took over every server, leaving the game unplayable. As soon as you stepped out of spawn, you would get sniped. People screamed for Valve to fix their game. But all we got was crickets.

Then in mid-summer 2022, they rolled out an update out of nowhere. Players now have more control to kick out hackers and bots. Within a month, the servers were full again. I’ve started playing again frequently these last few months. Then October rolled around, and Scream Fortress dropped. I had forgotten about it.

scream fortress 2022 from Team Fortress
Scream Fortress 2022

Scream Fortress 2022

Halloween takes over the game every October. This year we have 11 maps to play with so far. They are the same ones we had before. On October 5th, we will get the official update. There are supposed to be many new contracts, some new cosmetics, & fingers crossed, some new maps. Below is a video from Great Blue that ranks the existing Halloween maps. It’s a good watch if you like the game.

Team Fortress 2 is still relevant

Fifteen years after its release, the game is relevant again. Many people had given up on Valve ever fixing the hacking problems and had moved on from the game. Well, if you were one of those people, it’s safe to come back. Hackers get kicked very quickly, and I’m seeing fewer and fewer of them.

I’ve been playing the game since 2015, and I suck badly. But I love the comedic aspect of the game. I’m not too fond of shooter games; if you have yet to notice from my other game posts, I like building games, such as Timberborn or Satisfactory. But this game has kept my attention for many years. I mean, who doesn’t love the pyros gas blast taunt?

So if you like shooting games and Halloween, you need to check out Team Fortress 2 or come back to the game if you’ve played it before. I’ll be waiting to M1 your ass. Yeah, I’m terrible, but I have a blast anyways. You have no excuse; the game is free to play. So check it out on Steam. If we keep those servers full, Valve may realize this game is worth keeping alive for years. If you want to join me, add me as a friend on Steam.

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