Ron, the Hauntingly Helpful Roommate


Once upon a time in a small city, there was an old apartment building that housed a peculiar secret. In apartment 3B, a friendly ghost named Ron resided. Ron had been haunting the apartment for decades, but he was unlike other ghosts – he just wanted to be helpful.

One day, a young woman named Lucy moved into the apartment. She was fresh out of college, trying to make her way in the world, and was excited to have her own place. Little did she know, she was about to meet her ghostly roommate.

Ron The Ghost
Ron The Ghost

Ron just wants to help

It wasn’t long before Lucy noticed strange things happening around the apartment. Every morning, she would find her coffee brewed and breakfast ready on the table, even though she had no memory of making them. Intrigued and amused, she decided to take advantage of the situation and enjoy her breakfasts.

Ron was delighted to have someone in the apartment again, and he was determined to make Lucy’s life easier. But as a ghost, he wasn’t quite in tune with the latest technology and often misunderstood how to use it.

One evening, when Lucy was working late on her laptop, Ron noticed the battery was running low. Intent on helping, he tried to plug in the charger. However, he accidentally turned off the Wi-Fi router instead, causing Lucy to lose her unsaved work. Frustrated, she spent hours redoing the project, oblivious to Ron’s apologetic floating presence.

Ron gets in a pickle

Another time, Ron noticed Lucy wrestling with a stubborn jar of pickles in the kitchen. Her hands were slippery from the damp glass, and her face was flushed with effort as she tried to twist the lid open. Sensing her frustration, Ron decided to intervene. With all his ghostly might, he focused his energy on the jar, gripping the lid tightly.

In a sudden burst of strength, Ron managed to open the jar. Unfortunately, he had used far too much force. The lid flew off like a rocket, followed by a chaotic explosion of pickles and brine. The green, crunchy projectiles and their pungent juice hurtled through the air, splattering across the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Lucy, now drenched in pickle juice, stared at the mess in disbelief. Her once pristine kitchen had transformed into a scene from a bizarre, pickled nightmare. The shock quickly turned to amusement as she realized the absurdity of the situation. Laughter bubbled up within her, echoing through the apartment as she wiped brine from her face.

Ghost on Fire

Ron’s most memorable mishap occurred on a cool Friday evening when Lucy decided to bring her date, Tom, back to the apartment for a quiet dinner. Wanting to create a romantic atmosphere, she had spent hours meticulously preparing a delicious meal and setting the scene with dimmed lights and soft music.

Observing the scene from his ghostly vantage point, Ron felt inspired to lend a helping hand. He decided to add some ambient lighting to further enhance the atmosphere. With careful precision, he floated around the living room, lighting candles of various shapes and sizes, their flickering glow casting warm, dancing shadows on the walls.

As Ron lit the final candle, a gust of air from an open window caught him off guard. He lost control and accidentally knocked over the candle, its flame making contact with the delicate lace tablecloth. Within seconds, the tablecloth ignited, the fire quickly spreading across its surface.

Date night was fire

Lucy and Tom, deep in conversation, suddenly noticed the growing blaze. Their eyes widened in shock as they leaped into action, desperately trying to put out the fire. Tom grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher, while Lucy frantically filled a large pot with water from the kitchen sink. Together, they battled the flames, turning their romantic evening into a chaotic frenzy.

When the fire was finally extinguished, the couple stood panting, covered in soot and water, surveying the charred remains of their dinner. The once beautifully set table now resembled the aftermath of a miniature disaster. Lucy looked at Tom sheepishly, but instead of disappointment, they both broke into laughter at the unexpected turn their date had taken.

Though Ron felt terrible about the ruined evening, the incident became a cherished memory for Lucy and Tom, marking the beginning of a relationship filled with love, laughter, and the occasional ghostly mishap.

Ron the Hauntingly Helpful Roommate
Ron the Hauntingly Helpful Roommate

Lucy attempts to communicate

Despite the mishaps, Lucy slowly began to suspect the presence of a ghost and grew fond of her invisible helper. One day, she decided to communicate with Ron by writing a note: “Dear ghost, thank you for trying to help me. I appreciate your efforts, but maybe we can find a better way to work together?”

Ron eagerly replied, writing, “Dear Lucy, I’m so sorry for the mess I’ve made. I’ll try my best to be a better roommate!”

Ron's Letter
Ron’s Letter

Lucy gets a reply

When Lucy found Ron’s response to her note, she couldn’t help but feel a mixture of surprise and delight. She had hoped that her ghostly roommate would be open to communication, but seeing the message in Ron’s slightly shaky handwriting made the situation feel more real and tangible than ever before.

A warm smile spread across her face as she read Ron’s earnest apology and promise to be a better roommate. Her heart swelled with affection for this invisible presence that had brought so much excitement and laughter to her life. In that moment, she felt a deep connection with Ron, despite their vastly different existences.

Eager to continue their newfound dialogue, Lucy quickly wrote back: “Dear Ron, thank you for your reply. I’m glad we can work together to make our living situation even better. Let’s keep communicating and learning from each other. Your friend, Lucy.”

Best Friends

From that day forward, Lucy and Ron became an inseparable team, dedicating themselves to finding new ways for him to help without causing too much chaos. They developed a system of communication, using a notepad and pen to leave messages for each other, discussing Ron’s daily tasks and any potential challenges they might face.

Each day, they experimented with different methods for Ron to assist Lucy. They discovered that he was particularly adept at organizing her bookshelves and dusting hard-to-reach places, thanks to his floating ability. He even learned to operate the vacuum cleaner, making sure the apartment was always spotless.

The best roommate

On days when Lucy felt overwhelmed by work, Ron would try his best to cheer her up. He would play her favorite songs on the old record player or leave her surprise notes with words of encouragement. With time, they even managed to create a routine for Ron to safely prepare breakfast without any incidents.

As their peculiar friendship blossomed, so did the warmth and laughter in the old apartment. The once dreary space was now filled with love and positive energy, transforming it into a true home. Neighbors would often hear Lucy’s laughter echoing through the walls, unaware of the ghostly roommate who brought so much joy to her life.

Of course, there were still occasional ghostly antics, as no friendship is without its quirks. But these minor mishaps only served to strengthen the bond between Lucy and Ron, proving that even the most unlikely of roommates can become the best of friends, bringing light and happiness to each other’s lives.

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