I love gaming, especially in the wintertime when the weather could be better, in the summer when it’s too hot, or in the spring when the pollen is high. You get the point.

I have a very niche taste in games, such as city builders and resource management type games. If this is your taste, you may find these games interesting. If you have a game you would like to recommend, let me know. I may try it out.

I’m also a PC gamer. One of the many advantages of games on a computer is that they are constantly updated. The early access model has taken hold of the PC gaming world.

Nearly every game I’ll be discussing on Wisedocks is or was in early access to the public for a substantial amount of time. So I’ll update these pages as much as possible to keep them updated with the current game state.


Satisfactory: A beautiful open-world factory-building game

When it comes to early access games, you won’t find a more complete, immersive world to explore and build. Satisfactory from Coffee Stain Studios is as beautiful of a game as it is fun to play. Satisfactory has been in early access since March 2019. Nearly four years later, development is still …

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