Guess the Community Standards Violation Challenge


I was posting ALOT on Facebook. Most of what I posted on the FartDump page was NSFW. Not nudity per se, but it’s not something you want your children reading. But the posts that got me in trouble left me scratching my head. So let’s play a game. Can you guess which images go against community standards?

Ass Up

Nope: This one was fine. I edited this picture a week later because I feared someone would report it. But for a week, it was ass out, crack out. With hundreds of likes and many shares, it was never taken down.

ass up

Hunter Biden showing off that junk

YUP: This one was flagged and taken down for Nudity. I was locked out of my account for a few days for this one. This is the first time I got pissed off at Facebook. I’ve been posting stupid shit since 2008, and this got me in trouble. It wasn’t the first time though a week earlier, I got in trouble for posting a video of a girl lighting her fart on fire. I’m still under restriction for that one. lol

Hunter Biden

This is why

Nope: Uncle Tony posted this one. When I first saw it, I thought it would get taken down. But nope, it’s still up and getting quite a bit of attention.

This is why


YUP: Seeing as the image above is okay, this picture should be in the clear. Clearly not. But you’ll never guess why it was flagged. Bullying. Fucking bullying? What the actual fuck, Facebook. I believe the AI flagged this one because it was taken down immediately. That’s hilarious, though.


2 girls, 1 cupcake

Nope: This is fine; everything is in order here. Another post by Uncle Tony. When I first saw this one hit the page, I thought, “Fuck, we are getting banned!” But no, this is fine.

2 girls, 1 cupcake

The news goes against community standards

YUP: This one led me to make this post. I mean, it is a screenshot lifted straight from the news. I posted it four days ago then someone didn’t like it and reported it. It has been posted all over social media, including Facebook and Instagram, but I can’t post it. That’s fine if it offends you, but why would you follow a page called FartDump if you get offended easily? Now I’m posting it on all other social media and ensuring it gets out there. Nice try, though. lol

El Chapo

Black Hitler

Nope: Black Hitler is OK as well. All is good with this pic. With some of the hateful comments I received, I assumed this would be the one to get reported.

Black Hitler

This is hate speech apparently

YUP: This post was taken down for “Hate Speech”.


Even if you don’t find these funny, you can see why I became a little salty at Facebook for essentially shutting me down for these pics.

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