I made a hasty decision about our social media the other day


I had another website called FartDump, I posted memes and jokes there. Well I did until recently, I have decided to merge that website with this one. I have spent so much time trying to stay politically correct on this site all while going crazy over there. I don’t want to do that anymore. What you see is what you get. Wisedocks is going to have a little bit of everything as it was originally intended.

This is the trouble I ran into while posting memes on the FartDump page. I have since stopped posting memes on Facebook because of it.

Within the first month of starting FartDump, we had over 6,000 followers. It was going reasonably well. Then we got hit with multiple violations in a pretty rapid procession. I’m sure you guys have heard of Facebook jail. I won’t get into that, but I found it killed our page for FartDump and on all of my other pages. Since I am an admin with a history of violating the terms of service, none of my pages will be suggested or promoted by Meta.

These violations are held against you for one year. So to avoid having the FartDump page taken down altogether and further hurting my other pages, I decided to stop posting. I was going to continue posting on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram to some extent. But I decided to merge what was fun about the page with Wisedocks.

I have figured out why we had so much trouble. I have noticed other pages complaining about the same thing. Advertising is the only way to get your posts out once you have been slapped with violations. Well played, Facebook. Well played. If they see a page moving up in the ranks too fast, they know the admins are putting lots of time into it. They can slap you with some violations and charge you if you want to continue growing. But I’m not going to play the game. We will move on. I know that sounds like a conspiracy but whatever.

I post memes on multiple platforms and have never – not once – been given any trouble by the website itself. Facebook is too much trouble to try and dance around their snowflake rules. I will continue posting my quotes on the Wisedocks page, but that is all the interactions I will be having with the platform from here on out.

Keep it Simple Stupid

But honestly, I’m burned out on memes. They can be hilarious. But it feels like they are forced in many cases. So If I make any more, they will be few and far between. I will stick to writing my opinion on specific topics if I see fit. I’m still trying to figure everything out here. Merging the two sites will make my life so much easier, though.

I mean, it was going to be hard to promote a website called FartDump. Think about it; If your friend says, “Dude, you should read the new Avatar review on FartDump.” You aren’t going to take them seriously. Or would you?

I am getting burned out trying to build four websites and actively promote them all at the same time, all while making content for them as well. That’s why you shouldn’t put too many irons in the fire simultaneously.

Social Media is a huge time sink

Social Media

The fact that most of my rants pertain to social media tells me that it isn’t worth it. It all started as a simple way to promote my website, then spiraled out of control pretty damn fast. I spend half of my time making content for social media to entertain thousands in the hopes that a few of those people will visit my site. It’s not worth the effort, as far as I’m concerned. If I would concentrate on making good content, people will find it. I also spend a ton of time getting these websites appropriately indexed on search engines. That is the way to go.

What I’m saying is….

They can suck my tiny white cock.

No joke, I spend 70 to 80 hours a week working on my computer with things related to my websites! That’s a lot of time! Approximately half of that, maybe more, is social media-related things. I jumped down that rabbit hole head fucking first! So I’m going to dial it way the hell back and work on content for my websites from now on. Until these companies send me a check for keeping people entertained for them, they can suck my tiny white cock.

This would free me up to do something productive as well. It sickens me to think about how much content I could have made with that much time had I just stuck to working on the websites. The kicker is I wouldn’t say I like social media. Every so often, I get a hair up my ass and shit post on my personal Facebook page. I was doing that when I had the idea for FartDump. But that kick usually only lasts for a while. Other than that, I wouldn’t say I like social media.

Reddit and Quora FTW

Facebook is to be scrolled through while you take a shit; that’s its only purpose. And seriously, it’s terrible now; I don’t even do that. Scroll through Reddit or Quora if you want to be entertained. There are some truly intelligent conversations going on with both of those platforms. Twitter is people crying about politics, and Facebook is where retirees hang out. Both will numb you to sleep. The other apps like Snapchat and tik tok are for people too lazy to read. I assume you aren’t in that crowd if you’ve read this far. So.. hello, reader!

Speaking of sleep, I just got off work and stink, so I’m going to shower and get some shut-eye. I shall slap an image together for this post because they look nicer on the homepage that way, then I’m out of here. Have a great day!

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