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I have been using Wisedocks for things I find interesting while trying to keep the website clean. No cursing or raunchy things were allowed. I run another website where I keep all that sort of thing. After several months of tossing ideas around, I thought, “Fuck it!” I’m going to add whatever I feel like to the site. There is no sense in running two websites when I can do it all here. I have merged most of my posts from the other website into this one. The other site (FartDump) was used as my complaint department, as well as jokes and memes. I decided against putting the memes on this site because they take up too much storage, but the jokes and short stories came along for the ride. This is the best of both worlds.

What is Wisedocks

I have been asking myself that question for several months now. I have finally figured out what I want from this site. Simply put, I will be ranting about things that bother me and talking about things that I like. I can’t tell you how many times I have started a post and would sit on it for a few days while I try to figure out which website to put it on. You should see my desktop, I have tons of folders trying to keep both websites files separated. It’s a nightmare lol.

I was running two other websites, which didn’t help matters much. Well, one is my “book” I’m slowly trying to write, and the other is a local website I had been messing with for people new to my area. All four of these websites were originally going to be part of Wisedocks, but I decided to start new websites because the topics were so far apart. I recently merged the book into this site and dropped the local area website altogether. Maybe I’ll do something with it later. It has potential, but my attention span may not allow that site to come to fruition.

Instead, I would like to concentrate on Wisedocks; I’ll be blogging quite a bit about whatever is on my mind that day. I’ll keep these under the rants category. If I make a legit blog post, I have enough categories on this site to accommodate them.

The merger

All I brought over from FartDump was the jokes, some short stories, and a few rants. Most of it wasn’t worth even moving over, honestly. Most of the posts were just like this one. I don’t believe very many people will ever even see these rants. I still enjoy making these posts, though. They help me get my thoughts out. I can quickly come back to these as well and follow my thought process at a later date. Yes, like a journal. I was reading your mind just then.

I can see Wisedocks adopting the blue and green colors that I was using on FartDump. I mean, come on, doesn’t it look cool?

That’s where my head is at the moment. I need to make up my mind because I want to make new car decals. I still have the old Wisedocks logo at the moment. I love the current font I’m using, so I may mix the two. What do you think about this?

There is a comment section below; please let me know your thoughts. Keep it the way it is, or one of these two?

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