Strange Things

We live in a strange universe, from people to nature. Let’s look at some strange and unusual human and natural phenomena.

tunnel of love

Strange Things

A month in review. Here are some of the strange things that I came across for the month of November. Did you know? This one was a bit controversial. The FDA’s clarification on the subject is fuzzy at best. I emailed a few larger produce companies and have yet to hear back from them. I …

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Neanderthal cannibalism

Cannibalized Neanderthals found in Spain

In 1994, deep in the El Sidron cave system in northern Spain, the bodies of 13 cannibalized Neanderthals were found. They lived around 50,000 years ago. Modern forensic techniques determined that they had been cannibalized, because the skulls were cracked open to extract the bone marrow. Their tongues and brains had been eaten. The group …

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Nursery Rhyme Origins

Nursery Rhyme Origins

As a wannabe history buff, nursery rhyme origins have always fascinated me. From a time usually far removed from today’s societal norms, they give us a glimpse into the past. Life was much more simple over a century ago, albeit much harsher. Nursery rhymes tell the tale. Let’s look at a few of them and …

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metric system

Is America going metric?

Is America going metric? The history of the metric system and why America has been reluctant to adopt it.

odd history facts

Odd History Facts

Humans are weird. This has always been a fact but, for the last few thousand years, it has been well documented. So let’s dive into some of the odd history of mankind.