In 2003, I decided to teach myself how to build a website. I began learning HTML, then PHP. I developed a few web-based platforms that went nowhere. But I did not care. The joy was in building them. I took a break after about ten years until I started this domain back up in 2022 as a hobby.

I decided to concentrate on content this time, so I opted to use WordPress. Little to no coding experience is needed to run a website with their software. This frees up more time for you to focus on content. But there are still many hurdles to face going this route.

I’ll talk about the challenges I face while running this website and the other sites I have recently started. If you have a website or want to create one, I hope you find these articles helpful on your journey.

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Which free grammar checker is best?

Which free grammar checker is best? I tried several, and this is what I found out; Free is a word they dangle in front of you.

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