Window Screens for cats

Would you like to be able to open your windows for some fresh air but your cats love to lay in said windows and scratch your screens all to hell? Back in the spring I ran into this problem. So off to Amazon I went and started looking for a solution. I found it, with some expandable cat window screens. I ordered a couple and our cats loved them. Now they come running when I open the windows.

cat screens

Then it got hot!

Summertime came and the AC kicked in hot and heavy. I forgot all about these guys. They are pretty much zero maintenance. You slide them in your window and you can open and close the window without ever worrying about them again. When it finally started cooling down this week. I opened the windows back up and the cats are happy again. From the bedroom to the living room they have a schedule. They know when its almost sunrise, they plop into the windows and listen to the birds waking up.


Most cats love laying against the screen, that’s a huge problem. You don’t want your furry friend falling out of the window. These screens are heavy duty. It would take quite a bit of weight to push through these things. I looked through a ton of screens before deciding on these ones. They fit most windows, from 21″ to 40″ wide! Instructions come with the window screens, but aren’t required. You simply set it in your window and pull it to the sides and you are good to go.


These screens are made from heavy duty fiberglass mesh, they have a felt stripping around the edges for weather proofing and are made with an aluminum frame. They are build to last for years.

If you rent, these are perfect. You can take them with you when you move. The only problem you might have is forgetting they are even there. They really are a set it and forget it type product.


These screens are priced at $41.99 and you get 2 screens in the package.

While you are at it, you might as well pick your furry friends up a new Water Fountain.

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